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Desert Romance Bridal Shower

June 3rd, 2014

Don’t get me wrong: I love girly. I adore lace, the color pink, jewels, frosting and peonies. But I think that all those feminine notions are way more interesting when juxtaposed with something a little more organic, don’t you? When we got the chance to collaborate on a romantic-themed bridal shower with the team at BHLDN (responsible for the most gorgeous bridal apparel & decor on the planet), I embraced the challenge to dream up a look that would appeal to the modern creative bride, who might prefer her soft and feminine colors through a simple, natural lens. And so our “Desert Romance” was born — a Southwestern-inspired party (that would work as well for a birthday fête, dinner party or even wedding as it does for this bridal shower) in desert sunrise shades of blush, peach and sage. Click through for all the eye candy captured by The Nichols (and prepare yourself for my favorite cake in history.)

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  1. Jessi Afshin says:

    Such a fun shoot, it turned out beautifully! Claire, you’re stunning!

    Love all those BHLDN dresses!


  2. What a fun shoot to be a part of! I had a great time working with all of you talented, lovely ladies!

  3. caroline ittner says:

    Will you share the DIY on the maracas? Thanks! xx

  4. What a gorgeous and fun shoot!

  5. Carly Blair says:

    So fun!! Had a blast with all of you. Couldn’t have been better!

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  7. Lily says:

    Mmm… this whole thing looks just delicious!

    x Lily

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  9. Tre says:

    Simple and elegant!

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