Will Taylor, known in the UK as the quintessentially colorful “Mr. Bazaar,” is publishing his first entertaining book that our office is simply dying over. We have always loved his use of hues on his blog Bright.Bazaar, but the visionary book takes it up a notch with vivid photographs and distinct inspirational images.

Bright.Bazaar: Embracing Colour for Make-You-Smile Style includes 350 original, full color photographs that approach design and color in a refreshing, accessible, personal and downright fun way. How? Through a fabulous series of 10 color cocktails (how to play with colors to find your signature mix) and room-by-room interior tips.

Will’s bold styling of Jonathan Adler‘s Shelter Island home is the perfect representation of all things outdoors (and color!). Here, he shares tips for creating the ultimate outdoor space, from color scheme to poolside cocktail preference (with beautiful photography by Andrew Boyd).

What would you serve at your outdoor table?

I think alfresco dining lends itself to casual food made for sharing—it should be a sociable and informal affair. I would start with a tapas style assortment of tearing breads, olives, cold meats and sun-blushed tomatoes. Next, I would serve a series of different toasted bruschetta breads topped with ricotta, pancetta, peas and fresh basil.

What kind of setting is best for this type of gathering? Any advice on setting the scene?

If you are dining at golden hour through to sundown, it’s best to have plenty of candles on hand to make the event feel cozy and magical once the light fades; you could even go to town and string some bulbs across your backyard or balcony. Also, keep in mind that it might be chilly after the sun goes down, so have some blankets on the backs of chairs so guests can wrap up to stay warm.

What is Jonathan Adler’s place like, and what makes it perfect for entertaining?

Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island home is perfect for entertaining as there are plenty of different outdoor spaces to make use of. There’s the stylish pool area which is foiled by a indoor-outdoor style living area with a couch and coffee table, that lends itself perfectly to a cool afternoon pool party with friends. I just know everyone would be fighting for a place in that amazing hanging chair over the pool – wow! There’s also a smaller, more intimate dining area around the other side of the property which would be an ideal spot for hosting a more intimate alfresco dinner with a handful of friends, or a double date with another fun couple. 

Your ultimate pool party playlist?

Pool parties should be upbeat and fun, so my playlist would reflect that vibe…I’m thinking everything from the classics to the current, from Beyonce to Madonna; GaGa to Destiny’s Child; Pharrell to Calvin Harris. 

Favorite poolside cocktail?

For me, nothing is more refreshing than a traditional mojito!

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