One of the best things about summer is fully indulging my love affair with hats. (You’ll rarely see me on a hot day without my favorite straw fedora from JM Drygoods.) It’s an accessory that serves so many purposes: protecting fair skin from the harsh summer sun, adding a bit of flair to a ho-hum outfit, and hiding less-than-perfect hair. (And when you’re not wearing hats, they can make for great set dressing on a coffee table or bed!) So whether you’re a maniac for millinery or feel timid about hats in general, click through our selection of the best summer hats of 2014 and try one on for size:

featured image via mille

1. warehouse floppy hat from ASOS

2. lattice cap from Zimmerman

3. Eugenia Kim head wrap

4. raffia band fedora from Chance

5. ASOS straw visor hat

6. picacho rancher straw hat

7. peaks hat from Yestadt Millinery

8. tassled straw sun hat

9. Profound Aesthetic Portland 5-Panel Hat

10. elegant ranch hat by Tula

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