Gift Guide :: Holly Thomas

By Chanel Dror

Holly Thomas Gift Guide | Camille Styles

Ever since we spotted Holly’s fashionably rustic home on Apartment Therapy, we haven’t been able to get over her laid-back, cool aesthetic. And as the DC Editor for Refinery29 and co-founder of Butler & Claypool, it’s no wonder she’s got such an incredible eye for style. We had so much fun reading all about Holly’s holiday traditions, and best of all, she rounded up the perfect gift guide for us — which of these items are you coveting? ‘Cause I can’t get #3 off my mind…

Holly’s Picks:

1. Splurge item you’d love to give or receive this year?

I’d love to take my mom on a trip to a place she’s never been — maybe northern California or the Mexican Riviera — and give my boyfriend the Sonos home sound system he wants so badly.”

2. Culinary gift:

I love the form-meets-function aspect of Teroforma’s Scoop-Stab-Spread set of appetizer tools. They’d look great with minimalist serving platters or more eclectic vintage dishes.

3. Dying to have:

I’m on a temporary ban from buying ankle boots, but I just discovered these Robert Clergerie beauties and I think they’re worth breaking my own rules (better yet, someone else could break my rule for me, and I’d be fine with that) 

4. Ultimate stocking stuffer:

To me, candy is the ultimate stocking stuffer — I like a combination of really indulgent goodies, like Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Salted Caramel truffles, and offbeat stuff, like a nostalgic childhood candy.

5. Men’s gift:

If you don’t know exactly what your guy wants for the holidays, one surefire way to guarantee that your gift is a hit is to indulge in a little luxury — a cashmere scarf, a pair of super-soft leather gloves — something he’ll wear every day and really appreciate the splurge you made for it.

6. Go-to gift for co-workers or acquaintances?

My vegetable garden performed like a champ this summer, so I’ve canned dozens of jars of pickled jalapenos and banana peppers over the past few months — those will be my go-to gifts, once they’re dressed up with a DIY tag and some twine. But in general, I love the idea of food gifts, especially when it’s a local product, like Gordy’s Pickles. I know that I personally don’t have room to store any more knick-knacks in my very limited space, so I like to give gifts that are delicious, small, and can be used up easily.

7. Non-material gift:

I’d like to expand my creative horizons a bit this year, so a painting or drawing class hosted by the Smithsonian would be wonderful.

8. Accessory gift:

For jewelry, I think classic, vintage-inspired pieces are always a safe bet — so I’m a big fan of ultra-simple stud earrings, like this pretty diamond-chip pair from a local D.C. designer.

9. Wearable gift:

I desperately need more outerwear in my life, so this Madewell jacket is high on my list for a cool, low-key take on a varsity jacket.

*headshot by Dominique Fierro