True story: There was frost on my car this morning when I was headed to the gym! That may not sound like a big deal to some of you, but it’s a pretty rare occurrence here in Southern California. It took everything in me not to run inside and jump back under the covers. While on the treadmill, though, I couldn’t help but think that this might be the perfect excuse to invest in a new coat. They happen to qualify as some of my favorite investment pieces since they’re the first thing people see in these blistery, winter months…and just imagine the collection we’d all have if we each just bought a single new coat a year! I get excited just thinking about it. If you’re looking to grow your own collection, here are three coats that you’ll look for an excuse to wear all winter long…

Bright: No matter how dull and gray the weather, a bright coat brightens up any room! Especially if your wardrobe tends to be more neutral in color palette, you can add a bright coat on top of just about every ensemble. (This little orange number is from J. Crew!)

Printed: I fell immediately in love with this Rachel by Rachel Roy coat. I love the black and white print with casual, every day looks. You can make the look as eclectic as you like by mixing pops of bright color and other patterns or keeping the look simple and neutral. 

Camel: Oh the camel coat. This is one of my favorite colors in general, but in a coat I especially adore how sophisticated and chic it is. Paired with black by night for a dressier, edgier look and with winter whites by day for a classic, feminine look, this is a coat that will never go out of style!  (This one if from Zara! Similar ones here and here!)

Stay warm out there, friends!

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Jen Pinkston