Happy New Year!  I hope your 2013 is off to a fabulous start! I always look forward to this time of year when we get a fresh start. I am a pretty goal-oriented person year round, so this whole new year’s resolution thing just justifies my small obsession with asking people about their five year plan and how they plan to spend the next twelve months (my husband can verify this!) Anyhow, If you’re still searching for a resolution, might I suggest forgoing the usual suspects — join a gym!  give up sugar!  get more sleep! — in place of something a little more fun?  What if we each made a resolution to let our personal style be a better reflection of who we are in 2013?  Let’s try new trends, get out of our comfort zone and finally part ways with those pieces in the back of our closet that we never wear!

Last week, I took the entire week off of work and focused on recharging before the new year.  I wore quirky little pieces that don’t usually make it into my day to day look when I am running between meetings, shopping, and styling. This bright blue beanie is such a funny novelty piece that is really uncharacteristic of my usual more muted palette.  Since we were spending Christmas on the east coast this year, though, I thought it was fitting (I’m convinced it’s the reason we had snow three times in Maryland when it wasn’t even in the forecast!).

This cardigan is Comme des Garcons from about 8 years ago—a testament to investing in quality pieces since I am still wearing it!  It looks solid navy from the outside, but each sleeve is actually a different primary color and the inside is bright yellow!

The rest of this look is a mix of pieces that most of us have in our closet by now—a whitebutton front shirtstriped tankbright colored jeans, and ankle boots.  I may have been off-duty last week, but I still made it a point to have fun with my wardrobe choices.

So by all means, do feel free to join a gym, do more cardio, and eat healthier this year, but don’t forget to allow yourself the occasional indulgence.  Whether it’s a piece of Japanese knitwear, an over-the-top dessert, or a new shawl collar blazer that let’s the world know you mean business, each is significant in it’s own way.  After all, what would the world be without creative self-expression and dessert?

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Jen Pinkston