Greetings from Shanghai! I’ve spent the last 8 days exploring China in a very mad-dash fashion. I’ve been up at dawn (okay, maybe not that early — the sun rises here at 4:45am!) and jetting from site to landmark to foodie recommendation until my legs can barely stand up any longer.  It has been amazing! When reading up on Shanghai, my Luxe City Guide described the weather this time of year here as “a moist oven”… let’s just say they  hit the nail on the head! Luckily, the heat wave in LA a couple of weeks ago had me nicely acclimated by the time we touched down here in this sultry city. And what is one to do during a heat wave? Buy summer dresses, of course!

I picked up this red dress at Topshop after falling immediately for the vintage feel of the print and the interesting detail in the shoulders. I go through phases with color — sometimes I’m perfectly content in white, gray, and oatmeal, and other times I find myself craving bright, poppy color like this orangey-red hue. With the red espadrilles I think it feels a little Copa Cabana — in the best possible way!

With busy patterns, I like to keep the accessories minimal — it’s all about balance. I’ve had a thing for these gold name necklaces since Carrie Bradshaw donned one walking down Madison Avenue in her Manolos, and this one was handmade for me by Sarah of Swirl Design Studios.

Well, I am off for more sight seeing! I’ve made myself the official taste tester of Chinese dumplings while in Shanghai and they are not in short supply! Fingers crossed I can actually still fit into this dress when I get back!

Get the look!

Dress / Shoes / Sunglasses / Belt

*photography by Aaron Pinkston 

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