Hello readers! It’s me, Ana, back with this month’s Iconic Hostess column featuring my favorite melancholy icon, Margot Tenenbaum. From her Goodie hair barrettes to her smudgy black eyeliner, Margot is, for me, the quintessential Wes Anderson female: smart, shy, eclectic, secretive and oddly glamorous. She oozes cool and I can’t get enough. If you didn’t sigh “Aaaw!” the first time you saw Luke Wilson watching her walk out of the bus to Nico’s These Days then…well, maybe you just haven’t seen this movie? It’s one of my favorite cinematic entrances ever. Our girl Margot isn’t exactly the gregarious type though, and I thought with the onset of fall, cooler temperatures and a little less daylight, what better time to plan a hostess’s night in? Here’s everything you need to relax Tenenbaum style (no secretive chain smoking or odd family dynamics necessary):

The Drink: On a chilly night in for me, and I imagine for Margot as well, it doesn’t get better than red wine. I love a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo which is delicious and easy on the bank account. Margot would drink hers in the tub—I think you should too.

The Food: Part of what I love about Margot is her girlish tendencies. It’s almost like she never really grew up, isn’t it? I imagine her eating things like macaroni and cheese and milkshakes. But hey—it’s your night in, so I say eat whatever you love.

The Entertainment: Margot loves television, and what night in is complete without your favorite romantic comedies? Here are my all time favorites: Love Actually, Pride & Prejudice and It’s Complicated. Guaranteed to set everything right with the word.

*images: Nars eyeliner 1. Faux fur coat 2. Still shot of our girl Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums 3. Royal pink typewriter 4. Chanel nail polish 5. Crosley record player 6. Chelsea Girls by Nico 7. Bubblegum cigarettes 8. Bath tub 9. False eyelashes

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Ana Perkins