Hello again! Ana from Grown-up Shoes here, excited to bring you my latest party du jour. With temps on the rise, I’m dreaming of ice-cold treats in pastel shades, a rainbow of sprinkles, whimsical gingham spoons and the perfect dress in which to serve it all. The ideal gathering? A Zooey Deschanel inspired ice cream social, of course! The sunny sweetness of this concept instantly reminded me of Ms. Deschanel’s trademark vintage look, and a shot of fifties glamour elevates the party from run-of-the-mill to fresh and fun. I had such a blast taking inspiration from Zooey’s silly personality and feminine style when putting together this month’s party, so let’s get started!

Who doesn’t love a build-your-own sundae bar? Outfitted with a few grown-up touches, it’s the perfect way to greet warmer weather. I’m loving this idea for a sunny Sunday afternoon… just make sure everyone knows to eat a light lunch beforehand!

The Drink: Sodas for coke and root beer floats, and espresso for pouring over vanilla ice cream are a must. If you’d like a cocktail (and why wouldn’t you?), choose something as bright and fun as the party itself: refreshing lemonade with a splash of prosecco is light enough for the afternoon and still sticks with our vintage theme. But if you’re really up for a treat, boozy milkshakes can’t be topped (think coffee and vanilla ice cream with Bailey’s in a blender).

The Food: A variety of ice cream flavors are key, and I’m more than happy to offer my expertise in the area. If you and your guests are looking for a new addiction, I’m admittedly hooked on Salty Caramel by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Talenti gelato is also delicious and packaged beautifully, and every Texan knows that you can’t have an ice cream social without Blue Bell. Luckily, this is one party where catering is practically fool-proof: just mix fun new flavors with classic favorites, and everyone’s sure to find something they like. Most importantly, don’t forget sprinkles, chocolate sauce, crushed oreos, fresh fruit and anything else that tickles your fancy.

The Entertainment: I’m imagining this party to be a kid-friendly Sunday afternoon event where the whole family can enjoy themselves. Don’t hesitate to tune the TV in to a baseball game for the guys to watch as the ladies are happily chatting over spiked lemonade. Offer outdoor games and lots of playing space for the kids, and let everyone soak up one another’s company while enjoying sundaes together.

And why not…

  • Buy several brands of one flavor, and have a blind taste test for the kids
  • Buy cute striped straws for the coke floats
  • Have She & Him playing in the background to honor our icon

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to stop by next month for the fabulous Cinco de Mayo fiesta I’m already working on!

*images: {row 1} Ice cream scoops by Todd Coleman for Saveur , Guerlain lipstick in Peche Fougeuse {row 2} Zooey Deschanel by Robert Erdmann for Lucky Magazine {row 3} dress, bowls, soda pop, spoons {row 4} sprinkles, photo courtesy of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, vintage ice cream scoop

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