This time last year, we kicked off the holiday season by asking our favorite floral designers to create a gorgeous arrangement to take center-stage on their Thanksgiving table. This year, we’re reigniting the series with a twist: we reached out to the craftiest of crafters to create a Thanksgiving tabletop DIY project to share with us… and if today’s tutorial is any indication of what’s in store, it’s going to be good. First up is Erin Souder of House of Earnest, take it away m’lady!

This DIY mixes two things I love right now: the modern look of Lucite and the amazingly gorgeous hardware from Anthropologie. I’ve been wanting to put these stunning pulls to use for a while (just because I don’t have a dresser or cabinet that’s in need of a makeover, doesn’t mean I can’t have them in my life, right?), and this was the perfect project for them. I love the contrast of gold and bone with the crystal clear plastic… and given how easy this DIY was (and how much I’m obsessed with the end result), I think I’ll be making these for all my holiday gifting! Keep reading for the super simple instructions…

  • Two fun drawer pulls with one attachment screw (for drawer pulls with two attachment screws, you’ll have to modify the directions slightly to accommodate)
  • A piece of ¼” thick plexiglass, cut 5” x 18” long (the people at the hardware store will cut it for you!)
  • Clear plastic bumpers
  • Drill with 1/8” bit
  • Heavy duty wire clippers

  1. Measure the center of the short end of the plexiglass and mark. Repeat this on the other end.
  2. With the clear plastic protective sheet still on, drill though the plexiglass. Repeat this on the other side.
  3. Remove clear plastic sheet.
  4. Insert your drawer pull and screw on the back washer that it came with.
  5. Clip the end of the screw off with heavy duty wire clippers.
  6. Stick the plastic bumpers on the bottom of the tray in each corner.

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Chanel Dror