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Artist Spotlight :: Ashley Woodson Bailey Photography

April 23rd, 2014

Ashley Bailey Photography | Camille Styles

Flowers have such a fleeting beauty; we’re reminded as they wilt of how quickly things fade. Photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey is on a mission to remedy the petal problem, and she’s doing it with her camera. Enter flower photography, an art Ash  has been cultivating since she fell in love with les fleurs at age four, and one that — we’d venture to say — she’s near perfected.

Between the delicacy of the flower and the lasting power of the print, each photograph contains within it so much more than simple beauty. It’s the power behind the petal that really packs a punch, reminiscent of all those flower-worthy life moments that we love. With the photograph, I can relive those moments everyday, without the fear of waking up to wilting petals.

Ashley Bailey Photography | Camille Styles

The photograph seems like the perfect combination of warmth and easy upkeep, and it is. For Ash, flowers are more than a table decoration or a last-minute forgot-our-anniversary gift, they are a symbol of joy and celebration. We couldn’t agree more.

Ashley Bailey Photography | Camille Styles

Ashley Bailey Photography | Camille Styles

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  1. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    Ugh. Dying for these!!! So, so gorgeous.

  2. So beautiful. i love flowers.

  3. oh yeah! love this. thanks emma for such a great write up! xo-ash

  4. Stunning photography, especially the first photo – I love the light in it so much. x

  5. Nancy M says:

    I absolutely love the archway and precious baby girl!

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