‘Tis the season when guests stop by at a moment’s notice, and I love having a few quick snacks up my sleeve that keep me prepared for entertaining unexpected visitors. I’m a sucker for a salty-sweet combo, and there’s something that feels very “holiday” about metallic bowls filled to the brim with colorful snack mixes. Three of these plus a bottle of bubbly, and you’ve got yourselves a swanky little cocktail party m’dears! Keep reading for my favorite combos…

The possibilities really are endless, although I stick to a bit of a formula for the perfect salty-sweet-crunchy-chewy variety. For each mix, I typically include one nut, one dried fruit, one candy and one “surprise” element (like popcorn, sea salt or coconut.) I often wander the bulk aisle and pick up interesting ingredients to experiment with new blends.

These are so addictive that I have to hide them in the back of the pantry so I don’t eat them all before guests arrive. Do y’all ever toss together mixes like these? I’d love to hear your dream combos!

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