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10 Best Travel Instagrammers

July 21st, 2014

Summer is for travel, and there’s no better way to document your latest bout of jet setting than with that oh-so-handy iPhone. It’s time to ditch the hefty family cam and opt out for that little device of pure technological genius. Our social platform of choice? Always Instagram! In the spirit of adventure, we’ve rounded up our top all-time favorite Instagram users that expertly capture that spirit of spontaneity we’re all hankering for. My mantra will always be my mother’s (hang up and hang out!) but I make an exception for those moments that are just too good to pass up, and these folks do it best.

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  1. Amazing shots! They make me want to get out and travel the globe.

  2. Sigh… if you need me I’ll be daydreaming!

  3. unpofucsia says:

    half of them (their photos ) look too styled or professional for a traveler … again same topic you raised some time ago: this simply does not feel real- some look like travel is their job and not lifestyle others like they travel to have fashion magazine like shot (Nicole Warne) so she has perfect outfit and perfect light …. I dont know, I prefer random people who travel for travel sake or joy or because it IS their lifestyle not because they are payed to do that professionally or those who travel in order to take a perfect photo so they can put it on instagram instead of other way around. Instagram used to was a place for snaps from real life by real people – now it turned into some kind of professional business with “perfect” styled photos all around … same that happened to “lifestyle” blog ….

  4. kirsten says:

    You’ve included me with some of my personal favorite Instagram accounts. Thank you so much!!

  5. World of Wanderlust! One of my faves too- thanks for some new favorites as well!

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