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Featured Artist :: The Animal Print Shop

July 29th, 2012


Since I started the process of decorating the baby’s nursery, I’ve discovered a wealth of inspiring new sources for great décor – both kids’ and adults’! One of my absolute faves is The Animal Print Shop, from photographer Sharon Montrose. I instantly fell in love with her bold, arresting images of furry and feathered friends, and I knew I had to have one on of the prints from her “babies” series for my baby’s room. I finally settled on this adorable little guy to hang above the towel rack in her bathroom; not only is it irresistible, it just so happens to perfectly match the carrera marble countertops. It was a tough call though: keep reading for a few more I’d love to add to my collection, and hop on over to peruse them all… 

giraffe & alligator photos - the animal printshop

baby animal prints - the animal print shop

flamingo print - the animal print shop

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  1. Oh I love the one you have chosen…so cute, they are all so beautiful! xxx

  2. Adorable. Especially the cute little tiger you chose!

  3. Those are adorable! Thanks for sharing the source. Your nursery looks phenomenal!

  4. Maggie says:

    I am due with a baby girl on 8/19. I recently finished decorating my nursery and the first thing I ordered (way back in January!) was a Sharon Montrose print from 20×200. It is the Little Lamb – sis above the changing station. I just adore it. Her work is wonderful and perfect for babies’ rooms!

  5. Ferren says:

    That flamingo is gorgeous!

  6. Annabelle says:

    What a great find! I love this as an idea for a nursery; kid-appropriate and still tasteful.

  7. Kurrer says:

    “It matches the carrera marble in her bathroom”? Give me a break. The prints are beautiful and, in general, I like your overall aesthetic; but, sometimes your copy is way out there. Hospitality, style, and good design don’t have to be pretentious. In fact, hospitality implies a lack of pretense. If this is the direction you are heading, I’m afraid you’ve lost a regular reader.

    • Camille Styles says:

      Hi Kurrer! Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad that you loved the prints. Actually, the carrera marble comment was intended to be totally tongue-in-cheek…sorry if you didn’t find the humor! 😉 Totally agree that hospitality is about making others feel comfortable and welcome, and that’s always the message that we try to communicate here on the site. We do it through super affordable DIY’s, approachable recipes and bringing in a variety of voices and contributors from all walks of life. Hope that always comes through – and sincerely hope that you stick around!

  8. Danielle Waisner says:

    I love these prints! So much that I had my brother who’s a photographer recreate the “Little Darlings” print with my two pomeranians!!

  9. I am in love with her new buffalo print. Dying to have it … in a giant size!

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