Camille Styles

How to Live Minimally

September 30th, 2014

I am an accidental minimalist, mostly the result of making three cross-country moves in fewer than five years. As a result, I’ve learned to pack lightly, purchasing and keeping things that will be worth the schlep. But the more I’ve pared down, the more I’ve realized how owning less creates a lot of clarity. It forces me to think about what I actually like and want and to prioritize my interests rather than just buying for the sake of it. It’s a mentality that has seeped into my overall approach to living, reminding me to be intentional not just about what I bring into my home, but also what I create, what I consume, and how I spend my time. It’s less about owning fewer things and more about owning things that matter to you. Here are some suggestions for developing a similar approach.

photography by michael muller

We wanna know...

Could you see yourself adopting a minimalist approach to life?

  1. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    I love the idea of the “art-object” and creating unexpected art from things you already own. My favorite interiors don’t ever “play it safe”. Thanks for showing us that simplicity can be daring! You’ve given me some great ideas to incorporate into my approach to shopping.

  2. kelly colchin says:

    Such an inspiring post! Thanks for sharing your vision, Leigh.

  3. Micaela says:

    I’ve pretty much been forced into a minimal way of living due to the fact that I’ve moved an island, without a licens or a car, so I’ve been moving with my backpack. It really shows what you do and do not need in your life, and it’s a perfect opportunity to go “secondhand”-hunting!

  4. Dana says:

    This is so beautiful and inspiring. Leigh is the most amazing!! Go Leigh go!

  5. Rachel says:

    Minimalist living is a delicious way of life. My husband and I have always avoided clutter and useless knick-knacks, but when we moved cross-country on our own dime, we really discarded anything that we weren’t in love with. We are inclined towards a daily uniform – for me that’s just a great bag and shoes, black tee/blouse/sweater and jeans. Shiny sleek hair, white straight teeth and fresh bright skin are my only accessories besides my wedding ring. When I encounter women who are over-fragranced or accessorized, they strike me as being insecure. Nope – we are happy to choose quality over quantity…

  6. arielle says:

    this is such a great post. we all need to minimalize and I could really use a step in the minimal direction. thanks for all of the great tips!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  7. Kelsey M says:

    For the first few years I lived in NYC I got rid of a lot of stuff because I moved almost every year but once I settled into Brooklyn things started to pile up again. Hoping to excavate and get rid of a lot of stuff soon so that I can have more physical space for my “mental space”.

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