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It Couple

The Wixoms

October 14th, 2014

A family that plays together stays together. But what about a family that works together, from home, across two different cities? Judging by the life that the Wixoms have made, they not only stay together, but flourish and make adorable babies. Austinites Kris and Alisa Wixom (say that two times fast!) are co-creative directors for advertising agency TBWA Chiat\Day in New York. They have worked with Spike Jonze, have been nominated for an Emmy and their work for Jameson is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art. But last year marked their greatest achievement of all — the birth of their son, Sawyer Lee. You could not meet a nicer pair, or two people more in love. Jessica Pages photographed this creative couple one morning (before they headed out with baby in tow to the Austin City Limits festival) in the amazing Bouldin Creek home where they work and play.

photography by jessica pages

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  1. Audrey says:

    Wow, this couple could provoke a little envy with their dream jobs, gorgeous baby, and delightful home …. but they seem like really nice, down-to-earth people who appreciate all the good things in their lives.

  2. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    Gorgeous photos. I’ve clicked all the way through a few times. So inspiring and modern. I love that they left a note on the door of the house they wanted. Adorable baby! Seriously adorable.

  3. Funny enough, my husband and I walk by this house and have envied it from afar, as well. It’s absolutely beautiful! So happy to see such a wonderful family lives inside.

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