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Planning the Nursery :: Ready for Baby!

July 25th, 2012

Okay guys…it’s the 30-day countdown until baby! Can’t believe we’re so close to welcoming our little girl into the world, and I have to say that I’m already proud of her for having made it this far, growing stronger and more ready for the world week-by-week (she currently weighs in at about 5 1/2 pounds!) In preparation for her arrival, I’ve finally put the finishing touches on her nursery, and walking through the doorway feels like the cozy, safe haven that I dreamed of – hopefully providing a sense of calm that helps her sleep through the nights! It’s been so fun sharing this process with you guys, from the early days of gathering inspiration…to the in-progress planning and decorating…and finally to sharing the finished product! I want to give a special shout-out to Serena & Lily for being such amazing partners along the way, providing invaluable planning tips and inspiration for creating the nursery that’s a perfect reflection of our little family. So without further ado… click through the images (shot by Chad Wadsworth) to see how it all came together!

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  1. I just knew this space would be beautiful! I LOVE it! The bed is amazing and love the calmness of the space. So happy for you!

  2. Oh wow…you can feel the love. Perfectly beautiful Camille. xoxo

  3. Harper says:

    Lovely! The wallpaper and chandelier are my favorite details.

  4. So beautiful Camille and you are just glowing!! I Love the calm, quiet feeling. I’ve heard an atmosphere that you bring a baby into really shapes a child’s personality overtime. This is perfect. Also, my parents read me classics since I was really young as well and I go back to read some of my favorites once a year! Great idea!

  5. Nina says:

    Love it! You look so beautiful Camille! Can’t wait to see the baby..wish you all the best and thank you for sharing !

  6. lauren says:

    three cheers for a job well done. 🙂 so sleek it makes me want to have a baby. 🙂

  7. Rossana says:

    Absolutely stunning nursery, Camille! Peaceful and serene – perfect for baby! I am so excited for you having a baby girl myself (now two years). What you are about to experience is the most amazing gift in this world. Many blessings!

  8. Kelley Rose Burrus says:

    Gorgeous. So excited for what you’re about to experience. My “baby” is 19 and in college and I still love talking to him, sitting with him, sharing with him. Soak it up.

  9. Simply Beautiful Camille!! So serene & elegant! Your baby girl is going to have a great time in that space!:)

  10. Its perfectly sweet + serene. My littlest is 3–it goes by so fast. Enjoy your sweet little one!

  11. Wow, it is so beautiful and serene. It is just perfect, and you look so beautiful!! Can’t wait to meet her!

  12. Breathtaking nursery…so sweet and perfect. I love the color palette that you those. I saw those collector books at B&N and I just may have to by some. They are precious. The little Mexican dress is adorable! I could live in Mexican embroidery! Do you have a source for adults? Thank you for sharing the beautiful room….XO

  13. Daniella says:

    Wow! So hard to believe it’s already been this long! I feel like was just a few weeks ago that you posted your big announcement! The nursery looks absolutely lovely. A cozy little haven… beautiful!

    • Camille Styles says:

      Thanks Daniella – and I agree! This pregnancy has flown by… I really can’t believe she’s about to be here. Totally surreal, and I can only imagine how much the time will fly once she’s born. It is scary to know that she’ll be turning 1 before I know it!!

  14. It is stunning!!!! So serene and calm!

  15. You’ve got great taste (obviously)! I love how classy this room is. Not overly glamorous or gender-based, and it goes perfectly with your beautiful home. Congrats on the (soon-to-be-here) little one!

    Nook & Sea

  16. Marta says:

    Really, really gorgeous!
    My kind of nursury: modern and sophisticated. Well done and congrats!

  17. Such an exciting time, this room is like a dream land!


  18. Karen says:

    So sweet, I love it!

  19. Natasha says:

    This is just so calm and lovely in every way!! I love how the colors are so simple and relaxing, but the space as a whole is so refined and interesting. The wallpaper is really awesome. I, too, like to go into my nursery and think about the baby on the way! Such peaceful moments.

    • Camille Styles says:

      Thanks Natasha – I’m so excited for your journey, too! It’s been fun to swap stories and compare notes as we go through this pregnancy at such similar points… Can’t wait to hear from you when baby arrives!

  20. astami says:

    i can’t believe you’re almost there! congrats again! the baby room looks absolutely stunning! the wall paper, the chandelier, the white… serene but not at all blah. hope you share your hospital bag!

  21. Melissa says:

    Absolutely stunning! It is the perfect little cozy space for the little one on the way. Congratulations!

  22. Christine says:

    Camille, this is the most gorgeous nursery I have ever seen! From the delicate wallpaper to calming shell chandelier – I’ll definitely take a few cues from you when I have a little baby of my own one day!

  23. Lisa says:

    This nursery is just gorgeous! As for the booties, it looks like you may already have a few pairs, but Trumpette has so many cute options for little girls (and boys)! Congratulations.

  24. This is sooo beautiful Camille! I am in love with this room. That rocking horse is adorable. Congratulations on your new family!

  25. This is such a beautiful space! The neutral color scheme and your use of texture and natural materials make the room so serene. Your baby girl is very lucky!!

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  27. Gorgeous! A perfectly relaxing & welcoming space for your baby girl with just the right amount of glamour!

  28. Lauren says:

    What a beautiful space you’ve created. Baby girl is so so lucky!

  29. Kasey M. says:

    My favorite booties are little crocheted monster feet (with claws!!) here:

  30. Stunning Camille! The nursery is straight out of a magazine. Bravo my darling. So excited for you!
    xoxo R

  31. Liv Sharratt says:

    Absolutely beautiful Camille! So excited for you to meet your lil bundle o’ love.

  32. Such a peaceful space – eeeep, so excited for you! xx

  33. Jacquie says:

    Camille you are so clever! This is just perfection… (so gorgeous I’d happily move in!) x

  34. I was excited to see your nursery and it didn’t disappoint. It’s so beautiful!! It fist your design aesthetic perfectly. Can’t believe she’ll be arriving in a month – I love that you’ve been sharing your journey with us – so excited for you!

  35. I was excited to see your nursery and it didn’t disappoint. It’s so beautiful!! It fits your design aesthetic perfectly. Can’t believe she’ll be arriving in a month – I love that you’ve been sharing your journey with us – so excited for you!

  36. Lulu says:

    So pretty. And your dress too? Is it a maternity find or did you just make it so?

  37. Camille, these pictures are simply stunning – as are you.
    Thanks for sharing a sneak peak of your little one’s room.

    Quite Fondly,


  38. Wow Camille! It’s stunning! Your little girl is going to love you. You look amazing as well! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I’m in the 2nd trimester and can’t wait to meet my little boy:)

  39. Thanks Camille. I can personally attest that in person, this space is just as tranquil and lovely as it is in the photos. Can’t wait to see it filled with your little girl!

  40. Molly says:

    I waited all day to look at this so that I didn’t have to look at it from an I*Phone screen. You are so beautiful. The nursery is so beautiful. She is so beautiful. Beauty, beauty, beauty. I love her so much already!

  41. Oh Camille. What a lucky little girl to be welcomed into such a warm, loving environment. Every last detail is just perfect. Re:baby booties…as soon as she is ready for shoes See Kai Run shoes are incredible. Flexible, adorable and they hold up to busy little feet. Best wishes to you during this last month!!!

  42. Annie Hall says:

    It’s perfect!! I knew it would be,and your tummy’s so big. Just like your mom,she never got big anywhere but her tummy. Counting down to see my great niece. 🙂

  43. Sarah says:

    What a lovely room, Camille! Definitely inspiration for some day down the road. Best of luck. 🙂

  44. Sophee says:

    It looks perfect Camille, love how beautiful you’ve made it! Soon now 🙂 So excited for you guys!

  45. Geneva says:

    Camille, this space just radiates serenity, coziness, and love! I love the white, textured aesthetic for a little one’s room. Although I am a few years from a baby of my own, I’m tempted to buy that Restoration Hardware rocking chair now and hoard it for the future! Congratulations, what a beautiful room. 🙂

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  47. Amy says:

    I remember just sitting in the nursery prior to my son’s arrival too! I would daydream for hours. It’s a special time that should be cherished.

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  50. Rachie says:

    Its is perfect Camille, so beautiful and little one is going to love it! Particularly love the rocking horse and the chandelier xx

  51. Linn says:

    This really is a beautiful nursery!! You have excellent taste. But it also appears that you have very expensive taste! This nursery is extremely unrealistic for most people (which is probably why everyone loves it- they can only dream of such a place!). Personally, I think you could have created something equally amazing with a much lower budget, which would’ve really shown your talent! Most people don’t have 10k + to spend on a nursery, and they baby won’t know the difference anyway! I think it’s sad for most people to see this kind of extravagance in our current economy.

  52. Tracy says:

    So soft and elegant – love this neutral nursery! Love also your dress! I’m pregnant and on the hunt for a white dress for my shower..mind sharing where you found your dress? Thank you!!

  53. Erin says:

    So sorry, but now that you’ve had the baby do you realize what a (insert descriptive word here) you sound like in this post? NONE of this is important. Your baby could sleep in a cheap Ikea crib in the corner of your room and be just as happy and loved.

    • Camille Styles says:

      Hey Erin – WOW, sorry to hear that you think I sound like a… well, not sure if I want to know where you’re headed with that! Totally agree that baby Phoebe is happier curled up in my arms than any other place. A beautiful nursery does not equal a happy or loved baby, and that’s never what I meant to imply with this post! As with the rest of my home, I take a lot of joy in being surrounded by beauty and tranquility, and since the nursery is a very special room in my house, I treated it as an extension of that aesthetic. This blog is a place where I enjoy sharing things in my life that I’m excited about…and hopefully it served as inspiration to some of our readers as well! But thank you for the (hopefully well-intentioned?) reminder about what really matters. And for the record, IKEA actually has some really cute cribs. 😉

  54. Jessica says:

    This is an absolutely gorgeous room. I checked on some of the items featured here and honestly, who can afford these in a recession?? The cost of the changing table alone made my eyes bug out!
    We are, however, inspired to make the space for our baby serene and beautiful and will be trolling Craigslist and resale shops like crazy!
    Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.

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  57. Gina Langford says:

    Hi Camille!

    Absolutely LOVE the space. Would you mind sharing where your found the curtains? Now that you’ve used the nursery, do you find it necessary to have black-out lined curtains or are sheer (linen) ones fine in your opinion?? Thanks!


    • Hi Gina,

      Thanks so much! The curtains are from Restoration Hardware. That’s a good question about the black-out curtains because it’s something I really debated in the beginning. Phoebe actually doesn’t seem to need a totally blacked-out space for napping, and at nighttime, the room stays really dark, so that’s worked out fine for us. But I have lots of mom friends who swear by the blackout curtains for naptime, so I guess it varies! Good luck! xoxo

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  59. Annie Lee Kim says:

    Hi Camille!

    I love your nursery!!! I was wondering, would you mind sharing where you found the flag banner that is wrapped around the lamp? I’m in love with the colors.



  60. Nicole Clarke says:

    What an amazing nursery! I was wondering what paint color you used n the wall. It’s so fresh, clean, and happy! I love it!

  61. Mindy says:

    Where did you end putting the cute pink Paris map print?

  62. Merry says:

    I love the Love,Love,Love you print from Minted. Where did you order the frame?

  63. Rachel says:

    I love the addition of the bunting around the lamp shade, would you please share where you found it? Thanks!

  64. As an avid reader of classic literature, I MUST know where you got these mini-versions of classic lit. I want my child to grow up reading and enriching his/her mind from the get-go. I’m afraid the adult versions would be too advanced for just a wee little tot.

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  68. Lauren says:

    Beautiful nursery! Would you mind sharing the paint color?

  69. I would also love to know the paint color if you are willing to share! Just beautiful! We are considering a very similar scheme for our nursery! 🙂

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