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The Artist’s Studio :: Alyson Fox

April 15th, 2013

SO excited about the collaboration we’re kicking off today with MSN, where we’re going behind-the-scenes and into the studios of three incredibly talented and totally original artists. I’m a longtime fan of all of them, so it’s been an exhilarating experience to see each artist’s creative process firsthand and hear about how they got their start, what keeps them inspired and which artists are their personal favorites. Big thanks to MSN for partnering with us to make it all happen. First up, we’ve got the artist that the New York Times dubbed “the darling of design blogs” – the one-and-only Alyson Fox. Chelsea brought her camera and accompanied me to Alyson’s newly-built Texas hill country home to step inside her studio…

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  1. Love this new series! Beautiful space.

  2. ccg says:

    honestly, i loved clicking through each and every picture and reading this wonderful story about alyson fox. i certainly wasn’t looking forward to that last click, a feeling i get reading so many of your stories that i don’t want to end. i hate to say that the msn plug was like hitting a brick wall. what a downer to an otherwise flawless feature.

    • Thanks for your comment ccg – glad you enjoyed the story! Our sponsors are the ones who help make features like this possible, giving us the support needed to hire great photographers like Chelsea and the team to continue producing high-quality pieces. We certainly strive to maintain the authenticity of every post and never share content that we think our readers won’t love, so hopefully that always comes through!

  3. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    The copper touches, all that sunlight… Alyson’s place is amazing! Seems like such a quiet, relaxing space to get creative. No wonder Ms. Fox is such a prolific artist. I can’t wait to see the rug collection. I think it’s cool that MSN is choosing to support and expose artists in our community.

  4. Lisa says:

    Her studio is stunning, and I’m amazed at how many different materials she works with. Such a beautiful feature!

  5. Katherine says:

    Loved seeing her space…it’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to see the rug collection either!

    • I know, right?? Some of her new rugs *may* be reversible, like the one shown on image 7 above. That would be such a cool feature, especially for folks who like to rearrange often, like myself. Thanks for reading, Katherine!

  6. eve says:

    Alyson is so crazy talented with so many mediums! What inspiration for a creative lifestyle!

  7. Chanel Dror says:

    Can we just talk about the amazingness of that dog for one second…?

  8. clairezinnecker says:

    Alyson Fox has always been an idol of mine, and this post solidified it! Chelsea, GREAT photos, you capture it all perfectly. Alyson, thanks for letting us into your life! And Chanel, yes that dog! xo Claire

  9. Gorgeous work! I love her creative spirit. Very refreshing.

  10. marygaspar says:

    Fantastic post. Love her and her house is amazing. So very inspiring.

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