Our festive spirits are reading off the charts today! Maybe it’s the fun of celebrating Cinco de Mayo ‘Texican’ style that’s got us so giddy, or maybe it’s the lovely weather rolling through… or it just might be the piñata fever goin’ round. From quick-and-easy to made-to-order, we simply couldn’t help but round up our 5 favorites to share with you. Above, One Charming Party got personal with a way easy mini-pinata DIY, and of course it would be criminal to leave the maverick, Confetti System out of the picture. Follow the jump to scope out the rest of our picks… Well, what are you waiting for? Andale!

Couldn’t resist sharing this precious classic piñata from a DIY Mexico wedding on Style Me pretty. And the ultimate show stopper was this alternative take on a personal piñata from The Sweetest Occasion – Papier-mâchéd to perfection, stuffed, and left as favors for wedding guests.

The music buff in me was totally swooning when I came across this piñata on Ruffled, made entirely from love song sheet music and love notes. I’d love to know… have you guys spotted any other fabulous piñata idea’s out there?

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    Angel @ | 77inspire | | May 10, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    Oh i love the music one! ive never seen one like that. fabulous for music lovers 🙂 thanks for sharing. loving your blog! have a lovely day!

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