Symbolizing rebirth and renewal, Easter announces the arrival of Spring. It’s also the perfect opportunity to create a bright and beautiful table setting as the backdrop to the holiday meal. A few refreshing ideas:

The sheer volume of tulips in this centerpiece make a dramatic statement. Maintain a palette of pinks, whites, and creams through table linens, dishes, and a pop of fizzy pink grapefruit juice for a feminine Easter table.

Freshen up the traditional egg-motif by using hard-boiled eggs as a simple, edible touch at each place setting. Use tape to mark off a stripe on each egg before dyeing.

Use simple white eggcups as holders for adorable little bunches of spring flowers. Use a foam florist block in the base of each to add stability to the arrangements. A mixture of tulips, ranunculus, and daffodils in shades of yellow create a fun and cohesive look. Stack them up on white cake stands for height.

Create an “Easter Basket” of flowers at each place setting with a humble brown paper lunch bag. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut a handle in the top of the bag, insert a mason jar filled with water and fresh flowers, and attach both ends cut ends to create a handle with double sided tape. These serve double-duty as place cards and party favors when you inscribe each bag with guests’ names.

For the cutest kids’ celebration, use a whimsical motif like the bunny shown here, and carry it through the decor, food, and favors. Creating the perfect Easter table is about choosing a light, spring color palette, using food and flowers for their simple beauty, and using seasonal elements to infuse it with a dash of pure fun.

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