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November 28th, 2011

Purple living room

Hi there! Cristina here with a design challenge I face furnishing my own home, and I think it’s something many of us can relate to: sensory overload. There’s so much inspiration available to us these days in magazines, design shows, and of course incredible blogs, that it can be pretty overwhelming choosing a style to bring into our own homes. One day I’m loving Moroccan lanterns and the next I’m all about mid-century modern… Follow the jump to see how multiple looks can work in one eclectic space.

When you look closely at the lovely living room above (and believe me, I have!) there are so many different design elements to be found. From Ikat pillows to traditional candlesticks, Roman pillars to a mod coffee table, this room blends these styles seamlessly.
Bring it home purple ikat living room
I believe the key lies in the natural touches like the giant seashell and large amethyst. These organic accessories sit comfortably in any aesthetic and help blend the different design elements together. It helps to use plenty of neutral hues and focus your color palette. And because Thanksgiving is behind us, I added a festive sequined pillow into the mix! What do you think?

*images: lantern, ikat pillow, mirror, sofa, amethyst, candlesticks, shell, coffee table, sequined pillow

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  1. I’m with you on this. I’m attracted to so many styles as well, but I try to make them all work instead of going for something that I only half love. I like your comments about using natural elements because they blend well.

    I think this room looks really nice! Lots of visual interest and special touches. Plus, you can change out the pillows and amethyst and get a whole new color scheme! It’s beautiful!

    • Camille Styles says:

      So true – the beauty of this room is that it could be SO easily transformed with the seasons just by swapping out accessories!

  2. Supal says:

    I love the idea of festive decor pillows. Such a great idea!

  3. Annie Hall says:

    I love all of this! My kind of thing and you put it all together so well.

  4. Courtney says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this! This would be my perfect living room, I wouldn’t change a thing. Great minds link alike 😀

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