When it comes to holiday entertaining, what better treat can you possibly offer your guests than a cup of cheer? At a recent holiday shoot, we set up a fabulous hot cocoa bar with a spread of seasonal toppings for everyone to try their hand at mixing the perfect brew. But, the best toppings of all were the decorative ones hanging on the blank wall just above the table… one garland of tinselly poms and another reading ‘cup of cheer‘. Super easy to make and packing quite a punch, we thought we’d show you how we did it! Keep reading for the instructions.

  • metallic paper
  • letter stencils (optional)
  • scissors
  • small hole punch
  • small jump rings
  • kitchen twine
  • Command hooks
  1. If you have letter stencils, trace and cut out each letter for your message. If you don’t have letter stencils, simply print your own by typing your message into a word document in the font and size of your choice (we used Helvetica in 300 pt.) Trace onto metallic paper and cut out.
  2. Punch 1 to 2 holes at the top of each letter and loop jump rings in each hole.
  3. String letters onto kitchen twine, and hang above hot cocoa bar with Command hooks.

*top image by Hayden Spears

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Chanel Dror