Remember when Camille shared her newly-spruced up business cards last week? Well, since you were all so curious to find out how we gilded the edges of the cards (and since we’re feeling so professional today, anyway), we thought this would be the perfect time to show you the step-by-step. After trial and error with acrylic paint and even a stamp pad, our trusty gold spray paint proved itself superior once again, making the project surprisingly simple. Follow the jump for the full instructional, and be sure to show us your revamped business cards!

  • business cards
  • spray paint
  • heavy rock
  1. Stack business cards as perfectly as possible, and weigh down with a heavy rock. If you don’t want to compromise the top card, cover with paper.
  2. Spray all four sides of stack gold and allow to dry for three minutes… that’s it!

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Chanel Dror