For some of you, there’s no question that the holidays have arrived (and you’ve got the sloshy snow boots to prove it!) But since a winter wonderland is pretty hard to come by in Texas, Camille and I have been itching to make our very own teeny tiny version of one. So, we set out to create a glitter globe (way more glam than a snow globe) and share the process with you. This year, we’re super excited to be putting the sparkle in everyone’s holidays with these memorable & easy-to-make stocking stuffers. Follow the jump for the full step-by-step and let us know your thoughts!

  • small glass jar
  • animal figurine
  • fir tree figurine
  • gold glitter
  • silver glitter
  • spray adhesive
  • Gorilla Super Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • water
  • glycerin (available at your local pharmacy)
  1. Using multi-purpose spray adhesive, cover your small woodland animal in glitter. In a small bowl, combine 1 part Mod Podge with 1 part water, and dip your glittered animal in the mixture to seal.
  2. Squeeze a drop of Gorilla Super Glue onto bottom of tree, and press firmly for 30 seconds onto bottom of small glass jar.
  3. Once animal has completely dried, squeeze drop of Gorilla Super Glue onto bottom, and press firmly for 30 seconds onto bottom of glass jar.
  4. Once Gorilla Super Glue has dried, fill jar almost to the top with water. Add a few drops of glycerin and a teaspoon of glitter. Squeeze a ring of Gorilla Super Glue to mouth of jar and screw on tightly.

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Chanel Dror