On the agenda for the next few days: craft like a mad woman with hopes of sending cards out in time for delivery by the 14th. But this year I wanted the Valentines to be special… so I’m thinking that my friends and family might be pleasantly surprised to open an envelope and find a handmade metal card (paper is so last year), with an embossed message. Don’t be intimidated! This was actually super easy to make, and I love the thought of a little brass card living in the folds of a wallet as a keepsake, and a daily reminder of a shared love (of course, you’ll want to be mindful of it going through airport security!) Keep reading for the instructions, and I’d love to know what Valentine’s you’re all creating this year.

  1. Using tin snips, cut a 2 x 3.5-inch rectangle out of the brass sheet.
  2. Hammer letter stamps into brass card to write out Valentine’s message.
  3. Punch holes around perimeter of card by hammering nails through the brass.
  4. Weave red and white kitchen twine through holes, and tie in a secure knot in back of card.
  5. Stuff in business card-size glassine envelope, and secure with fun sticker.

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Chanel Dror