All the decor at A’s birthday bash was inspired by little snippets of his life and personality. From a colossal cake made of his favorite chocolate chip cookies to trays featuring childhood photos, there was no question who the birthday boy was… and these stir sticks were the perfect finishing touch to the signature Greyhound cocktails. They were a cinch to make yet left a major impression, prompting laughs and conversation with each libation. Since there’s nothing better than a super simple craft that packs a big punch, we’re adding to our index of DIY projects from this fabulous evening with the instructions after the jump…

  • Skewers
  • Avery 4″ x 2″ white labels (available at any office supply store)
  1. Choose a favorite photo or two of the birthday boy or girl, and size image to 2″ x 2″.
  2. Space images evenly in rows of four, so that two print on each label.
  3. Print label sheets. Peel and fold labels over onto skewer.
  4. If you’re using shorter glasses, cut skewers down to appropriate size.
*originally inspired by Not Without Salt!

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Comments (15)
  1. 1
    Jennifer November 21, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    How cute! And very, very easy!

  2. 2
    Angel Court Jewels November 21, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    Such a clever idea. So cute!!!


  3. 3
    Kate {domestikatedlife} November 21, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    I love this idea! so cute

  4. 4
    Will November 21, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    These are so super cute and easy to do – a smashing idea!

  5. 5
    Xio November 21, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Adorable!! What a fun idea!

  6. 6
    desiree {chic coastal living} November 21, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    That’s such a cute idea! I love it! maybe I’ll do that for my husband’s next birthday!

  7. 7
    Plain & Fancy Living November 21, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Great idea! This really adds a personal touch and makes the drinks look so good. I have been trying to think of something different. I really love your style and look forward to reading this blog every day:)

    Amy R.

  8. 8
    Tiffani November 21, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    What a great idea!!

  9. 9
    Allison { TAYLOR MOSELEY } November 22, 2011 at 12:20 am

    OMG so cute! And, the stickers aren’t bad either. 🙂

  10. 10
    Kathy November 22, 2011 at 1:35 am

    Fantastic idea!

  11. 11
    Camille Styles November 22, 2011 at 7:21 am

    So glad you all enjoyed! The funniest part is that my husband typically does NOT like being the center of attention, so imagine his surprise when he got a drink from the bar and saw that his face was plastered on everyone’s drink. Ha!

    • jill July 17, 2015 at 8:37 am

      How did you get the pictures in a circle?

  12. 12
    Mitica Fashion Illustrations November 22, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    Oohh woow lovely!!!



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