I have the fondest memories of school on Valentine’s Day, don’t you? I remember leaving the house decked out in shades of red and pink (uniform permitting), and handing out sweet little valentine’s to everyone I knew. Whether it was a piece of candy or tiny cards with names handwritten on them, the day was always buzzing with friendly exchanges between classmates. This year, I’ve decided to revive the tradition (grownup style) by creating these matchbox valentines. Small and economical, they’re perfect for handing out on the days leading up to the 14th… and since I’m totally feeling the love these days, I couldn’t resist sharing the idea with all of you! Keep reading for the downloadable template and piece-of-cake instructions!

  1. Download and print matchbox wrap template.
  2. Cut out individual wraps, and place a 2-inch piece of double-sided tape where the printout reads ‘tape here’.
  3. Place and wrap around matchbox as pictured above, creasing on box corners. Secure with tape.

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Chanel Dror