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April 8th, 2011

Hotel Room - Soho House NYC - Camille Styles EventsDid you catch this morning’s recap of my whirlwind trip to NYC? Well, I knew my tale wouldn’t be quite complete without waxing poetic on the luxe surroundings at Soho House, the private club and boutique hotel I called home during my stay…

Bed - Soho House NYC - Camille Styles Events

It’s true that the “members-only” policy of the club brings a bit of intrigue to the entire experience, and (lucky for me) booking a stay in one of the 24 rooms guarantees access to the bar, restaurant, game room and can’t-miss rooftop pool.

Sofa - Soho House NYC - Camille Styles Events

Exposed brick, warm wooden beams and lived-in leather furniture make each room feel like that New York City loft that every hipster dreams of calling home.

Tub - Soho House NYC - Camille Styles Events

A stand-alone egg-shaped tub? Yes please, especially when I can reach for my collection of complimentary Cowshed products that the luxury to another level.

Room - Soho House NYC - Camille Styles Events

I love how every room has a completely different feel, yet maintains the hotel’s overall sense of effortless cool. The restaurant is fab, but really…with accommodations like these, it’s tempting not to dial up room service!

Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Smith for making sure my stay was unforgettable!

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  1. classiq says:

    Where do I start! I love everything about this place! Those details on the bed, in contrast with the modern nightstand, the beams and chandelier, the exposed brick, all these traditional and modern elements beautifully mixed.

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