This morning I awoke with that excited feeling I get every time I’m about to embark on a new adventure. Tomorrow we leave for Buenos Aires, and I can’t wait to set foot on South American soil for the first time! Our friend is marrying a girl from Argentina, and I’m hoping that the wedding festivities will give me a true glimpse of the city’s culture. I designed today’s inspiration board around the vibrant color that washes over Buenos Aires in all the photos I’ve seen. Electric shocks of teal, tangerine & yellow light up the streets, providing the necessary energy to dance until dawn. By the way, I have loads of great posts scheduled while I’m gone…and of course, I’ll be taking my camera everywhere I go, so hopefully I’ll have time to send off some BA dispatches during the trip!

*images: {row 1} map, orange dress, teal door {row 2} invitations, colorful buildings {row 3} vine with flowers, pisco sour, streamers {row 4} girl in red, pom pom swizzle sticks, row houses.

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