Confession: I tend to get a little addicted to the colorful little conversation hearts that appear on supermarket shelves each February…and have been known to eat a frightening amount while sitting at my desk during a day’s work. Not sure if it’s the rush that comes from the pure, unadulterated dose of sugar, or just the fun of reading (and eating) each term of endearment. Today’s inspiration is just as sweet in shades of peach, angel food, honey and bubblegum…’cause when else besides Valentine’s can we be so unabashedly girly? I’d love to use this palette for a bridal shower brunch or a champagne-and-dessert get-together with the girls. Lush florals and vintage china on the table are finished off with loads of candy hearts given with love in these easy-to-craft bags. 

*images: {row 1} katie ermilio peach dress, candy hearts & flowers, pink donuts {row 2} pendants, floral arrangement {row 3} conversation hearts, greyhound, zig zag stationery, ballet slippers {row 4} place settings, pastel candies, lollipops, dress.

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