Never thought I’d see the day when I’d design a board inspired by a television show…but then again, never thought I’d be as enamored with one as I am with Downton Abbey. The jaw-dropping scenery, gorgeous costumes and romantic plot lines have me entranced…who else shares my obsession? I’d love to throw an early spring soirée with the same elegance as those hosted by the Crawley clan, complete with delicate china, tea and crumpets, polished silver and views of the rolling green hills. A bridal shower or mother’s day brunch, perhaps? Until then, looks like I’ll have to get cozy and stay in on Downton Abbey nights to do my sufficient “research!” 

*images: {row 1} downton abbey, butterflies book, model t ford {row 2} chalkboard, chandelier {row 3} china, hat on chair, downton, florals {row 4} english garden, teacup, florals, lady mary.



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