When I started putting together today’s inspiration board, I thought it would be a celebration of Halloween…but when I started pulling images, I realized that at this point, I was feeling decidedly uninspired with everything having to do with the holiday. So, hope you all don’t mind if I jump ahead to November and start dreaming in one of my current fave palettes for fall: emerald + tangerine. There’s just something about deep green hues that’s calling my name this season, and paired with pumpkin-inspired hues, I can envision this look for a modern-romantic wedding or cozy fireside dinner party. It doesn’t hurt that these happen to be the colors of a bottle of Veuve, so the libations for such an evening are clearly a no-brainer. And please do tell: Would you incorporate this palette into your wardrobe or interiors?

By the way, if you are still looking for Halloween inspo, check out this crafter-noon party, that piñata costume DIY, or my pumpkin harvest inspiration board. Hope you have a spooky one! xo

*images: {row 1} walking in park, boutonniere, flowers {row 2} clutch, carrots {row 3} oranges, stationery, earrings, soup {row 4} roses, kate moss, veuve party, pleated skirt.


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