…that last hour before dusk, when the crackling fire and rays of afternoon sun cast a golden light over everything in the room. We’ll be sitting down to a Thanksgiving feast at just that hour this year, and my holiday table is inspired by its warm, magical colors. When the Cooking Channel invited me to share my Thanksgiving inspiration on their site, I put together this board, infusing golden tones with natural wood and pops of deep teal. Seasonal fruits, pumpkins and branches bring a bit of the outdoors in, and flickering candlelight makes the entire dining room glow. I’d love to hear what all of you are planning for the Thanksgiving feast this year…have you chosen your color palette yet?

 *images: (row 1) turkey, pear place card, flowers (row 2) girl at table, calligraphy (row 3) flowers, gift, pumpkin pie favors (row 4) tart,cider, to-go boxes, place cards.

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