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Monochromatic Monday :: Lemon Tree

February 20th, 2012


Good morning, sunshines! Hope you’ll forgive me for the unseasonably summery board today, but I’ve got citrus on my mind… It’s always been a dream of mine to have a meyer lemon tree in my backyard, and this weekend we spent time planning the next phase of landscaping on our agenda…and I’m beyond excited that it includes a tree to fully satisfy my lemonade cravings this summer! Wouldn’t this palette be a dream for an early spring celebration? Set up a bright yellow café table on a sunny rooftop terrace for a casual lunch gathering…made festive with glasses of this vodka-thyme lemonade and individual jars of meyer lemon semifreddo, of course. And since I’m a total newbie at growing citrus trees, I’d love to hear any advice that y’all might have as I get started!

*images: {row 1} girl with top knot, al fresco dining, bar cart {row 2} lemons, yellow & white florals {row 3} bedroom, vodka-thyme lemonade, wedding bouquet, lemon pavlova {row 4} butterflies, semifreddo, centerpiece, pitcher of lemonade.


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  1. This is my favorite color and I believe people dont love it enough!

  2. i simply adore the color, the smell, the taste, pactically everything about lemons!!
    really dig the yellow-white combo

  3. Love the meyer lemon semifreddo!

  4. MyStyleLoft says:

    LOVE yellow : ) Such a happy color, beautiful photos

  5. I always dreamed of one too and my man got me one for V Day last year (GREAT gift idea btw). Has been a full year and they are just now lemon size, though still a little green. But it’s potted on a balcony, not in backyard. And my thumb is anything but green…

    • Camille Styles says:

      Mine is downright black, so I’m crossing my fingers! 🙂 Let me know how yours do… I would think your west coast climate would be perfect!

  6. So jealous! I would love to live in a climate that was more suitable to growing citrus. Good luck!

  7. Oh, how I love lemons! My boyfriend and I were oogling dwarf lemon trees yesterday at our local hardware supply store. We’d love to own a lemon tree, too!

    Happy Monday, Camille!

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