Morning m’dears! Let’s all take a deep, cleansing post-holiday breath, shall we? This morning I awoke with a craving for clean eating, simple living and a yoga session (or two!) As much as I adore the holidays, come December 26th, I’m always more-than-ready to pack up the decorations and do some major organizing (mentally & physically.) We’re headed to a spa retreat in the desert later this week, and it’s in that spirit of rejuvenation that I designed today’s inspiration board in shades of pure white and snowy cream. Wake up in a bed draped in soft linens, breakfast on jars of yogurt and fresh berries before heading off to the flower market (those peonies!) And the perfect winter afternoon is spent catching up with friends over lots of cups of tea. Of course, those fabulous heels and “Cheers!” coasters had to sneak their way into this board… we are counting down for one last night of New Years’ Eve revelry, after all!

What are all of you up to? Making the most of all the sales with a day of shopping, or getting things back in order after the holiday? 

*images: {row 1} dress, cheers coasters, vintage knives {row 2} mantle, yogurt  by helene dujardin {row 3} teapot, plates, dishes, place setting {row 4} bedroom, peonies, heels, letters.

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