Fresh off my Italian honeymoon, and brimming with inspiration on living La Dolce Vita!  Last post revealed my favorite things from Capri, and today we turn to “The Eternal City.”  Get inspired by my obsessions from Rome, and in the next few posts we’ll share ways to translate all this inspiration to experience a taste of Italian romance every day.

1. Architecture

In Rome you’re surrounded by ancient buildings, and even those crumbling with age possess an unmistakeable charm.  I found myself snapping pictures of buildings constantly, inspired by the dramatic lines, grand scale, faded colors…

2. Fresh Pasta

Good thing I got a pasta maker as a wedding gift: all the perfect, al dente fresh pasta I devoured in Rome has got me hooked.  Simply dressed with the fruitiest olive oil, and tossed with sweet tomatoes and fresh shellfish, this is pasta at it’s finest.

3. Roman Fashion

Sure, Italy boasts such homegrown designers as Versace and Prada, and even the police uniforms are designed by Armani.  But it’s the Romans’ seemingly effortless ability to combine accessories in a unique way that really impressed me.  Men in pink pants and women in fedoras were everyday sightings, and I came home inspired to view getting dressed everyday as a true form of self-expression.

4. City Street Gardens

Every street in Rome is made more lovely by the box hedge container gardens that line the store fronts and cafes.  Whether contained in rustic terracotta or modern aluminum, this is a chic element that I definitely want to replicate at home.

5. Fountains

Another nickname for Rome is “The City of Fountains,” and the sound of bubbling water adds a sense of vitality and romance to every piazza.  The Trevi (above) is Rome’s most famous fountain, and legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the water, they’re ensured a return trip to Rome.  Hope it holds true… I can’t wait to return to this magical city and discover even more inspiration from it’s rich history and modern style.

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    Marta Ratajszczak | September 23, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    I stumbled across your post while searching for box hedges ideas. It looks like we both used the same title! 😀 Plus, you went there for your honeymoon, and I got engaged.
    Nice to see a diffferent point of view at the Eternal City.
    Please feel free to comment on mine –

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