Searching Smart with Bing

By Camille Styles
Searching with Bing | Camille Styles

Any of you guys sometimes get so set in your internet searching ways that you sometimes forget there are options when it comes to search engines? I was intrigued when Bing approached me with the opportunity to learn more about their revamped platform — and what I found is that it’s more than just a search engine.  Bing Smart Search goes beyond a simple search bar with links and turns your search into a personal, fun experience. With an upcoming holiday party around the corner, I decided to use Bing to search for party favor ideas and I’ve got to say, I loved the results!

Searching with Bing | Camille Styles Because so much of my job is visually-oriented, I typically prefer to use an image search as opposed to just text. I started my research by using Bing’s image search feature to look for “diy party favors.” I found an image I liked of homemade poppers, clicked on it to examine it at a larger size, then easily selected the button that said “view source”. That took me straight to Greenista.com — the original source of the project with the instructions plainly written.

Searching with Bing | Camille StylesAfter figuring out what materials I would need to purchase to create the poppers, I went right into online shopping mode. I would need some really pretty wrapping paper — I already know I like the designs created by Rifle Paper Co., so I went ahead and did another Bing search for “rifle wrapping paper”. Those results lead me to an incredibly cool boutique site, Pigment, where I found not only my wrapping paper but several ideas for what I might fill the poppers with!

Searching with Bing | Camille StylesIn just a few short minutes I was able to find inspiration for a party favor diy, instructions on how to create it, necessary materials, and two super cool new sites that seemed magically up-my-alley. I was also able to get a general feel for how much the project would cost.

The Smart Search experience feels different from other search engines — it somehow seems to have insight into what I’m really looking for. I’m excited about using Bing to explore online in the future, both in the office and on my phone. (And I can’t wait to check out some of these recipe videos as well!)

Now, I’m off to start putting together some amazing holiday poppers…


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