I’m on the hunt for the perfect vintage cake stand. Since my mother & I are making the wedding cake for my brother’s June nuptials, we’ve been brainstorming on the best way to display it. All this research has reminded me how a pretty cake stand can elevate just about any table design to new heights of gorgeousness. Think beyond the cake, and try using a cake stand to display non-edibles, like springtime flowers (above) or a still-life of fruit (below.)

Of course, displaying cupcakes on stands of varying heights has been one of the most recent dessert buffet trends. Always a cute look, but I also love these other versions of “minis” as a sweet surprise for a wedding or party.

Mini angel food cakes topped with a single sugared flower are heavenly confections…

A classic croquembouche is a French riff on a tower of cream puffs; or go Americana & serve a smorgasbord of mini homemade pies.

See how cake stands can even turn vegetable crudites into cause for celebration?!

*Images: {from top} 1,2,3 Brabourne Farm; 4,5,6 Martha Stewart Weddings; 7 Roland Bello

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