Morning, everyone! I’m waking up to another gorgeous day in Buenos Aires, and before I head out the door to track down a café con leches, I just had to share this dreamy DIY that Ash from The Byrd Collective put together as the latest in her floral inspiration series. I wasn’t sure I’d actually wear a flower crown…until I saw this one. Could you see yourself wearing it for a special occasion? (by the way, the little fairy pictured with me is Ash’s own daughter, Byrd. And yes, she’s that irresistible in real life.) Love Ash’s description of what inspired her…

I have long been an advocate of the flower crown (I’m almost certain that in another life I was a curly-headed girl who always wore blossoms in her hair). And while the common consensus is that the ethereal look is only suitable for flower girls, I’d like to challenge the norm. I can’t picture a single style that would be more lovely on a bride, bridesmaid or fashionable girl-about-town! So, in an effort to drive our pro-flower wreath movement forward, thought I’d provide the simple step-by-step to creating your very own, after the jump.

One of my biggest inspirations, Frida Kahlo often painted portraits of herself wearing a giant flower crown. I’ve always admired her tenacity & strength, despite the hardships she faced in her life. Of course, she is the author of one of my favorite quotes, ‘Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?’

DIY Flower Crown
  • sturdy base ivy
  • thin gauge wire
  • flowers, light in weight (small spray roses, ranunculus, berries, scabiosa, wax flower all work beautifully)
  • green flower tape
  1. Cut the thin gauge wire into 2 pieces.
  2. Cut most of the stem off of the flower, leaving about an inch remaining.
  3. Thread the first piece of gauge wire through the flower stem, near the head.
  4. Thread the second piece of gauge wire through the stem, at a perpendicular angle to the first, creating an X. Fold the wires downward.
  5. Use green flower tape to wrap the stem and wire. I leave the wire long to ensure that it can be tightened around the base.
  6. Twist wire around base ivy to attach (make sure you’ve identified a front & back to your crown)
  7. Continue to attach blossoms until you’re happy with the end result. I like to add a piece of ivy on the back of the crown to cover the wires. I like to add a piece of ivy on the back of the crown to cover the wires.
  8. Of course, if you’d like to pass on the wire, you can also use a hot glue gun to attach flowers.
Have fun with your new wreath and keep in mind that these flowers are out of water. Wear it immediately & anticipate a lifespan of about 4 hours.
*photos: Mike Bullock

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