Hi there! My name’s Claire, and I’m so excited to be kicking off my new contributor series here on Camille Styles called “Transformed.”

Twice a month, I’ll be stopping by the blog to take an object that’s a little ho-hum, and turn it into something with major wow factor. Today’s transformation started when I ventured into the open doors of the Palmer Events Center for their annual City Wide Garage Sale: a bustling event full of anything and everything you could imagine. These two cheese graters stood out among the piles of utensils and I immediately knew they needed a new purpose. I’ll show you how I turned them into a sparkling little pendant, step-by-step.


  • cheese grater (either vintage or new, we used two and put them together but you can use one if it is a box grater)
  • premium waterproof Silicone (this is to glue the graters together if you choose to use two)
  • light bulb and cord kit (I used the Hemma cord set from Ikea)
  • clamps (or rubber bands)
  • ceiling hook
  • copper wire/gold thread

Position the light bulb and cord centered where you want it to rest. Clip it in place (using a binder clip or clothespin).

Take the silicone and apply a generous amount on both sides, carefully place one grater on the other.

Clamp with clips or rubber bands, wipe off extra glue.

Set for 2+ hours until dry.

Note: If your cord does not stay in place, wrap gold thread or copper wire to fasten.

Screw hook into ceiling, hang, enjoy!

Even Monte was in love….

See you all in a couple weeks…who knows what I’ll be transforming next time!

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    Erin | July 13, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Love this idea! Makes me want to pilfer money from the grocery account and head out to City Wide next month!!!!

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