If you caught last week’s Thanksgiving video, you probably noticed the little pies in mason jars we handed out to departing guests… and let me tell you, we still haven’t stopped talking about them. There’s simply no better way to follow up the Thanksgiving meal than with a slice of pumpkin pie (except for maybe warm pecan pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream?) Good thing these pies are small enough to eat in multiples, and we sent our guests home with individual apple pies that they could snack on later that night. We invited our friends from Tiny Pies to show us how we can get our pies into those adorable mason jars this Thanksgiving, and they’ve provided the full step-by-step after the jump…

  • small mason jar (we used 3 1/4-inches wide and 2 5/8-inches tall)
  • 5-inch circular pastry cutter
  • 3-inch circular pastry cutter
  • small heart-shaped cutter (available at any craft store)
  • pie crust pastry, chilled (homemade or store-bought)
  • homemade pie filling (for apple pie, try this recipe)
  1. Roll out pastry dough. Using larger circular crust cutter, cut 5-inch circle out of pie pastry. Carefully place crust into glass jar. Use fingers to press dough against inner wall of jar. Spoon pie filling of choice into dough-lined glass jar.
  2. On new sheet of pastry, use 3-inch circular pastry cutter to cut out top crust (use cutter with crimped edges for added decorative detail). Use heart shaped cutter to punch air hole in top crust circle.
  3. Place top crust on top of filled jar. Use fingers or fork to tightly pinch edges of top crust to bottom crust.
  4. Bake pie for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.
… Thanks, Tiny Pies!
*images: Mike Bullock

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