Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
Barcelona Castle Wedding Reception, photo by Bryce Covey | Camille Styles

Barcelona Castle Wedding Reception, photo by Bryce Covey | Camille Styles

Yesterday was a good reminder that, no matter how diligently we plan and schedule, if our bodies don’t cooperate it all goes kaput. I woke up yesterday to a gorgeous Saturday morning stretching ahead, yet couldn’t even make it out from under the covers — I knew immediately that I’d been hit hard with a nasty stomach bug. Such a bummer, because not only did I feel awful, but I knew it meant letting go of all my much anticipated weekend plans to run around town with Adam and Phoebe, work on the new studio space, meet friends for brunch, etc., etc. Instead, I slept, and slept some more (with a few other details that I’ll spare you from), and the good news is that my body must have been working so hard to fight it because today? I’m feeling back in action, and now my mission is to go squeeze an entire weekend’s worth of fun into one day. So I’m off for now, friends… hope you have a lovely Sunday, and enjoy my favorite links from the past week! xo

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This wedding set in a Spanish castle is an absolute dream.

And closer to home, one of my favorite shutterbugs got married, and her wedding was every bit as dreamy as I knew it would be.

Loving this simple ensemble & that chic bun.

As my body gets back to 100%, I’ll definitely be taking a couple doses of this immunity soup.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

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“Before” photos and inspiration for our new studio space.

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*photo: bryce covey