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November 19th, 2011


Happy Saturday! I’m in full holiday planning mode this weekend, and I’ve gotta admit: I’m loving it. I’m taking advantage of a weekend without much on the agenda to finish my Thanksgiving meal planning and even start prepping some of the items that can be made in advance (did you know that cranberry chutney will be perfectly delicious kept sealed in the fridge for 2 weeks?) I’m also putting the final touches on my Christmas decor plan and picking up items I’m still missing so I’ll be prepared to deck out my house the day after Thanksgiving. This year I’ve been surprised at how many of my neighbors already have Christmas lights up – I’ve always considered that a post-Turkey Day event! When do all of you think is the “right” time to put up Christmas decorations? Leave a comment and share your thoughts, & enjoy my favorite links from the week!

I wish tifamade could bring me cakes on her little Parisian bike…(via Bri.)

It’s paperwhite season! The sweetest favor idea.

Can’t wait to dive into the new Sweet Paul this weekend.

Wouldn’t this butternut squash risotto with pistachios & lemon be the perfect Saturday night dinner?

Have you prepped your powder room for Thanksgiving guests?

Jordan’s DIY floral hats make me want to find any excuse to throw a party.

Wish I was packing for a beach getaway.

I need this cookbook.

Don’t forget to enter our Minted journal giveaway…it’s a good one!

*image: Karen Mordechai.

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  1. Erin Gibson says:

    love waking up to your blog.

  2. Al says:

    I’m a day-after Thanksgiving kind of girl, but I let the decorations linger into January (and I MAY have been known to leave up my Christmas tree into February…) 🙂 Happy Weekend, doll!

  3. I’m with you I think after Thanksgiving. You will think this is funny I have a neighbor who puts each holiday up way too early like putting up thanksgiving when it’s halloween. so that means her christmas decor is up and it’s thanksgiving…she does it for each holiday. (lol)

    doing some of the same things you are this weekend. can’t wait to see what you do will be fun to see.

    • Camille Styles says:

      So funny! I have a lot of neighbors doing the same…I don’t think I could REALLY enjoy Thanksgiving if my house was already completely decked for Christmas!

  4. chelsea says:

    Thanks so much. You are always so sweet with your links. Hope you had a great weekend! xo Chelsea

  5. Jonii says:

    At least the day after Thanksgiving… any earlier is totally jumping the gun. Also, those pies are WOW. Last year I handpicked two quart tubs of wild blackberries from a patch around my job. I think we managed to get three pies out of them (with some liberal “sampling” to boot). Sadly, I’ve no idea where to pick them in Charlotte, so no pies this year. Anyway, the pie pics make mildly nostalgic for Seattle…

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