Last weekend we were up bright & early putting together one of my favorite photo shoots to date… a totally original (albeit premature) New Years Day celebration.  While concepting the shoot, we knew we wanted to create a super special decorative accent piece to hang above the mimosa bar, and this colorful mobile consisting of 15 paper garlands turned out to be the perfect element to tie the entire concept together. Keep reading for the full instructions & a sneak peak of the completed mimosa bar, and be sure to head back around the holidays for all the other details from the day!

  • card stock paper in the colors of your choice, in light to dark shades
  • 2 1/4-inch circular hole punch
  • 1/4-inch circular hole punch
  • small jump rings
  • small pliers
  1.  Map out the gradient color pattern each strand with consist of, and punch out large circle accordingly. We made 15 chains, each with 16 large circles.
  2. Punch two small holes on opposite sides of each large circle. For the last circle in each chain, punch only one hole.
  3. Use pliers to bend jump rings and attach circles.
  4. Hang chains. We installed ours by running a wire across 3 Command hooks hanging from the ceiling, and suspending the chains from the wire using clear fishing line.

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Chanel Dror