Bake-Off: The Best Key Lime Pie Recipe

The best key lime pie recipe checks all the boxes of a stellar summer dessert. We tried 5 different recipes, Keep clicking to discover which recipe reigned supreme in our Bake-Off.

#5 The Barefoot Contessa I like the novelty of a frozen pie, but we had a few structural qualms with this one.

#4 Petra Paredez Meringue toping was unique. Overall good, but others beat it out.

#3 Grandbaby Cakes The texture was incredibly smooth, wish there was more lime, but made for a pretty good pie.

#2 Hummingbird High The homemade graham crackers give the crust a noticeable textural difference.

#1 A Cozy Kitchen The hero ingredient? Coconut milk! Run, don't walk to make this amazing pie.

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