18 Best Low-Light Indoor Plants

grow your green thumb from in your house

What is a low-light plant?

A low light plant can tolerate and grow farther away from a window or natural light source

Snake Plant Laurentii: Tolerates low light & needs water every 2-3 weeks

ZZ Plant: Can tolerate dry air but avoid temperatures below 60 farenheit

Monstera: Should be misted and dusted weekly for optimal light absorption

Bamboo Palm: These benefit from watering when the top soil is 50% dry 

Pothos Marble Queen: Sometimes referred to as "cubicle plant" because of it's tolerance to low light 

Bird's Nest Fern: A beautiful and relatively low maintenance plant

Red Prayer Plant: Humidity and water are a must with these, also needing moderate temperature control

Philodendron: These plants in their natural habitat love to climb for maximum sun capture

Money Tree: These trees require deep but infrequent watering, lowering the maintenance level

Peperomia Watermelon: This fruit patterned plant needs on occasional mist and room temperature

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