The Best Pumpkin Cookie Recipe On The Internet

There were some hot-takes, heated debates, and lots of brown butter frosting to go around in our search for the best pumpkin cookies. Keep clicking to see the delicious winner.

#6 Food Network

To quote one of our taste testers, this cookie tasted like “a Yankee pumpkin candle.”

#5 Taste Of Home

Texture wise, some testers noted this one was more like pumpkin bread rather than a cookie.

#4 Food and Wine

The most delicate of the bunch. Overall, middle of the road for us.

#3 Betty Crocker

This cookie wasn’t as fall pumpkin-y as some wanted, but it would actually make a good holiday cookie.

#2 Pillsbury

On the richer side with a great ginger flavor.

#1 Better Homes & Gardens

The clear winner. The melt-in-your-mouth cookie had the best pumpkin and spice flavor by far.

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