The Best Snickerdoodle  Cookie Recipe

#7 Martha Stewart

On the firmer and drier side and not much cinnamon flavor.

#6 Hummingbird High

Didn’t think it was the most snickerdoodle of the bunch.

#5 Smitten Kitchen

Texture was thin and chewy.

#4 Rick Martinez

Leaned the most savory of the bunch.

#3 Ree Drummond

Melt-in-your-mouth interior with a bit of chew on the edges.

#2 Jessie Sheehan

The most cinnamon-y in flavor. Buttery, sweet perfection.

#1 Broma Bakery

Fluffy and airy, buttery and cinnamon-y, a nice tang, chewy edges, and all around perfection.

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