Healing Curcuma Golden Mylk Recipe

Rachel Musquiz is the creator behind Curcuma and shared her golden milk recipe that serves as the foundation of her wellness routine. Stay tuned for her recipe.

The Benefits Of Golden Milk – reduce inflammation – boost immunity – improve digestion – increase vitality

Ingredients:  Golden Milk (swipe up here to order Curcuma's Golden Milk, use CASAZUMA15 for 15% off). Contains: – High-quality turmeric – MCT oil powder – ginger – Ceylon cinnamon – cardamom – black pepper – pink Himalayan salt)

Step 1. Make a golden shot: Add a splash of hot water to 1 tsp of Golden Turmeric. Stir or whisk to combine.

Step 2. Add the golden shot to your choice of milk, hot or cold. Use a hand frother or milk warmer to combine.


Click the link to see the Curcuma Golden Mylk Recipe and more wellness advice from Rachel Musquiz.