Despite my best intentions to sleep in and be served breakfast in bed this morning, I woke up really early, thinking about motherhood and the changes and joys it’s brought into my life in the almost 3 years since Phoebe was born. There’s no question that she’s my greatest inspiration to be the best version of myself and to make the most of every moment. Of course, today is extra special around here too, since I’m carrying around another babe in my belly — fully grown and ready to make his debut any day now, as soon as he feels ready. I still have moments of apprehension about what it will be like to have 2; but I’m mainly just so excited to meet this little guy and be carried along on our family’s next adventure. Hope you’re all having a lovely start to this Mother’s Day — and don’t forget to shower those special ladies in your life with some extra love! Lots of great reads to share today, so enjoy! xo

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*photo credit:Elle France, August 1996, Photographed by Antoine Vergla

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